Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alana is almost 9 months....and I haven't posted in FOREVER!

Been an incredibly long time since I last posted anything, but since Alana has recently started moving and grooving I figured I should get it down.

About 2 weeks ago Alana started pulling up on things and cruising around furniture.  Every day she gets just a little bit better.  Just yesterday she started crawling and she does a very similar crab crawl to what Ava did, and sometimes does a bear crawl with both legs extended and her booty in the air.  We were sure she wasn't going to crawl until after she walked since she wasn't making any effort to crawl, but then yesterday she just took off.

Alana's two bottom teeth came in the last week of September, but still not top teeth.  Lots of teething going on, but she doesn't want me to put my fingers in her mouth and if I try I get bit.  Man those little teeth are like razors!!!

She doesn't sleep well, but that is apparently just the way of it for our DeVito babies.

What to say about Ava...she is 2 1/2.  And everything that entails:

  • Jumping, running, climbing, non-stop moving all the time
  • Can't make up her mind 
    • I want PB&J sandwich - I make it - no, I want grilled cheese - well, mommy just make PB&J so you have to eat that - commence meltdown
  • Doesn't listen well, and often starts crying anytime she is told now like it is the end of the world
  • At least she sleeps through the night....until 5 in the morning...unless she has a nightmare

Well that about sums it up right now.  J is SUPER busy between classes and working on a paper for publication so is more often than not having to work in the evenings just to keep up.  I have become  super crafty and love it!  I sewed two peasant dresses for the girls to wear at Christmas time with matching flowers for their hair.  That is all for now.

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