Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progressing by leaps and bounds

Over the last week our little squirrel has progressed by leaps and bounds.  She is now walking all over the place.  She almost never crawls anymore just walks.  She thinks she is faster than she is, so every once and awhile she trips on her feet and goes down, but she gets right back up again.  She doesn't like to be held anymore and wants to walk everywhere, which is a little bit of a problem because she is still SO SLOW!  :)

She now consistently says "Dog" and will say "Woof, woof, woof."  Which sounds more like "Woove, Woove, Woove." :)  We were visiting friends and they have a dog, and she told me Ava chased the dog around saying, "woof, woof, woof."  She also is more often saying "cat" and "geow," which I am guessing is meow.  I even got "Cow," and "Moo" once although she hasn't repeated that yet.

This week she also started saying, "Dada" when she sees Jason, or to get his attention.  She has been saying Dada for a while now, but this was the first time she said it when he came home.  Usually she just squeals and gets very excited.  She is a daddy's girl now.

As of this past weekend Ava now has 5 teeth!  She is definately getting at least one more and I cannot wait until this set of teeth is done.  She is more than a little fussy :)

Can't believe how much she is growing and changing now.  She is lots of fun and we love (almost ;)) every minute with her!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Progress!

It is amazing to me how much progress she is making right now and how much she is learning.  I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a blog post in awhile so I sent myself a couple quick blurbs so I would know when things happened.

If you read either or both of those you know Ava started taking 4-5 steps between Jason and I a little over a week ago.  She is already walking all over the place.  She always starts by walking.  She pushes off an object and walks for as long as she can then sits and crawls the rest of the way.  The most we have seen is 27 steps and we got that on tape :)  She is steadier every day and we love it!

She has also made steps in the vocal category as well.  She now says "Uh-oh!," and drops things just so she can say it.   She also asks questions a lot by putting her hands up and and inflecting her voice.  Most of the time I have no idea what she is asking, but it is super cute.  I also don't know where she picked up the hand thing I don't do that I don't think.  It is amazing to me how many things I don't notice I do that she has started to mimic.

I try to keep her clean and so if she sticks her hand in my plate at dinner I will take her hand and lick off her fingers if I don't have wipes handy.  At dinner last night she tried to pull the bowl of salsa toward her to dip her chip in and got her fingers in in the process.  I didn't even notice until she stuck her fingers in my mouth to clean them off.  Guess I need to stop doing that or she is going to be sticking her fingers in my mouth all the time.

She has become a daddy's girl all of a sudden.  She reaches for him out of my arms, will walk around the house says "Da-da-daddy" and if we are awake when he leaves in the morning she will whimper when he leaves.  It is really cute and Jason loves it.

She also mimicks "open-shut them" but mostly does the "roll them" part and the "blow a great big kiss" at the end.  She will sometimes open and shut her hands and clap with the song, but usually as soon as I start singing it she starts rolling her arms.

We are LOVING every day with her.  She is so fun and so cute.  I love listening to her talk and laugh. It really is great and worth every frustrating moment.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


So it is official!  Ava took a few steps between Jason and I several times in a row.  Won't be long now and she will be running all over the house!!  Now if only those teeth would come through!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just wanted to post this so I remember.  Ava did "Open, Shut Them" with me twice yesterday.  Need to video tape it ASAP.  It is the cutest thing!!  We tried to video tape it today, but she wouldn't perform.  Will try again tomorrow!