Friday, September 28, 2012

18 Months and new little girl on the way...

It has been a long time since the last time I blogged.  I am really bad at keeping up with this, but as it is something for me to look back at down the road and remember what my children were doing, so I guess how often isn't really that important.

Ava will be 18 Months old this week and that just blows me away.  Has it been 18 Months already since I held her for the first time, 18 Months since I went into labor?  What a crazy 18 Months it has been, full of things I didn't expect (still not sleeping through the night at 18 months ;)), nursing her past age 1, no idea what I am doing and scared to death to be responsible for making Ava into a productive member of society and teaching her about Christ.  The day to day stuff I can handle, but making sure she learns her ABC's, 123's and knowing who God is...  I have NO IDEA what I am doing.  I really thought I would know what I was doing, that it would just come to me or something...I feel like everyday I am like ok, what can I do today to help her learn.  I have no plan :)  I am sure it will be fine and she will figure everything out in time, it just blows my mind the weight of this responsibility.  I had no idea I would feel it so keenly.

It is funny, every time she learns something new I am "how did she pick that up?"  She amazes me everyday.  She now repeats words, and after only repeating it one or two time she can come up with it at a later date with no prompting.  That is just amazing to me.  Thanks to this leap frog movie "letter factory" she now recognizes letters.  She will point at letters on the outside of a store and say "A" or "E."  She doesn't always get the right letters, but I am just amazed that she gets that they even are letters.

We started a new sleep plan about 3 weeks ago and it has been coming along.  This is not a quick fix by any means, but we aren't going anywhere until after the baby is born so time is something we currently have.  We do bath and then we read her bible and then turn out the lights.  We say prayers and then sing "Jesus Loves Me."  Then I just stay with her in the bed until she falls asleep.  The first night it took an hour and 20min.  She  tried to crawl away over and over and would throw a fit when I would lay her back down.  Last night it took only 23 min and she only tried to crawl away twice, and never fussed when I would tell her to lay down.  I never had to lay her back down.  We are definitely making progress.  I am not expecting tonight to go as well, I am looking at this as two steps forward and one step back, but we are moving forward :)  The ultimate goal is to be able to read her book, pray, sing and then kiss her and leave the room.  Then she can put herself to sleep.  This could take awhile :)

On another note altogether, we are having another little girl :)  She is due to be born around Feb 12th and we are very excited.  I think Ava is going to be a great big sister, she loves babies and loves playing with her baby dolls.  I am excited for her as well, to be a big sister.  We cannot decide on this little ones name yet, but we have some time.  We have several we are throwing around: Alana, Abigail, Rinoa, Brienne, Rebekah, Madeline, Olivia and even some others although those are currently at the top of the list.

Here are the ultrasound pictures from my 20 week ultrasound, for whatever reason I cannot load them on fb:

Front view of the babies face - kind of like an alien

Leg bones

Little crossed legs - trying to be a lady :)


Arms crossed in front of her face 

Profile view of the face, with two little hands up there

Heart rate - and a view of the 4 chambers of the heart, albet not a good one

Little girly parts - sorry little one, had to save this one too even if it is embarrassing :)

Well that ended up being much more long winded than I had meant it to, but that is alright.  It was a good one.  Can't believe me little girl is 18 Months old.  18 Months and so much fun!!
Loves to eat apples whole :)

Obsessed with shoes 

Loves her toy car, every time she wants to go outside she says, "car?"

Loves playing with her baby doll, pushes it in the stroller and gives it rides in her car

Big girl on the caboose at the train park

Don't I look pretty with my bow?

My beautiful little girl!  I love her so much!!