Monday, April 16, 2012

Sleep and Other Things

So I can officially say it.  Ava slept through the night!!!  She slept from 945 until 6am without waking up once!!  Then last night she slept from 11 until 445, and the only reason she woke was because we had a huge clap of thunder that woke me as well.  Woo hoo!  Now only problem, she wakes an hour after she goes down and takes really long to get back to sleep.  Before I could get her to go to sleep easily, but she woke up often during the night.  Now, she took an hour and 45 min the first night and 2 hours the second night.  Why can't I have both.  Goes to sleep quickly and stays asleep all night.  Well, beggers can't be choosers and I would rather have her sleep when I want to sleep :)

She now waves and says "Hi" which is really cute.  "Cat" is officially "gat."  I swear sometimes I look at her and think she acts so much older than her age, then a minute later she is all baby.  She is so much fun most of the time.  She is SO independent and stubborn.  She wants what she wants (usually not what she is supposed to have) when she wants it.  If you tell her to wait she yells at you (we are working on that - not acceptable behavior).  She is very clingy, but at the same time is willing (and will ask) to be held by women she sees often (friends).

She is walking EVERYWHERE, and only wants to walk.  She of course doesn't want to walk in the direction you want her to walk in.  Usually she is trying to walk in the opposite direction.  She is so cute toddling around.

Having a child is so awesome and having a walking child is so energy consuming!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cake and Chickens

Didn't write a blog after Ava's party on Saturday, so it is about time.  Everything went really well.  I made Ava's cake.  A care bear cake no less :)  Nod to my childhood, plus they are cute :)

Only problem, apparently Ava doesn't care so much for cake.  Just another way she is her father's daughter.  Although she does like cream puffs.  The next day we went to a buffet with cream puffs and I decided to give her one and see how she like it.  She loved it! Giggled and squished it in her fingers and all over her head.  It was super funny.  Really wish I had gotten it on tape.  Will definitely have to try that again.  At least she has figured out the opening present thing since Christmas.  She pulled the tissue paper out to get to gifts and ripped the paper.  I was very proud of her!

On a completely different note I took her to Rural King today and they had a ton of baby chicks for her to look at.  I let her pet a couple and she tried to grab one out of my hand and squish it.  Oops, mommy needed to hold on tighter and help her pet the chick.  They really were so cute.  What was the greatest though is as soon as Ava saw them she said, "Duck!"  I was so happy!  She saw something that looked like the baby ducks in her book and called it a Duck! Granted they were actually chickens, but details, details :)