Sunday, January 6, 2013

21 Month Update

I feel like Ava has been learning so much lately it is necessary for me to get these things down on paper or I will forget.  She can say so many words now I couldn't write them all down if I wanted to.  It really seems like in the last 3 weeks or so she has just had a word and understanding explosion.  If I say, "do you want to play on the ipad?" and she answers with "yes" I can tell her that it is "on the floor next to my bed."  And, she understands my instruction enough to run right there, pick it up, and bring it back!  I also now know that she defies me on purpose because I know she understands me.  :(

There are only 2 words that Ava refuses to try to correct in her speech.  She calls music, "meek-du" and she still calls water, "wawa."  I tell her the correct word for both every time she uses them, but she makes no effort to correct either.  She does also call lemonade, "lemmy" but that may just be because lemonade is a hard word to say.  It is really cute, and will be interesting to see how long she keeps up with them.

She chases the cat now and thinks he is just the greatest play thing.  She will run around the house saying, "kitty, where are you?"  It makes me laugh every time she does it.  She also uses her pretend chopsticks and soy sauce bowl from her sushi kit to put fake mascara on the cat.  He puts up with so much from her.  If she can't see me she will also yell, "mommy, where are you?"  Or, just "MOM!!"

She is learning her colors.  Sometimes she will get it right, point at something blue and say "Bue" or "yellow."  Those two are her best.  Other times, she will point at something and just start naming all the color names she knows (green, red, purple, pink, blue, and yellow) until you say, "yes, that is right."  So I am not sure we really know any yet or if we just get lucky sometimes.

She can count to 10!  She will often forget 4 or 6, but with a little help she can go all the way to 10.  This is new as of two days ago!!

She is learning her letters and letter sounds at a rapid pace.  She now can recognize A, B, H, K, L, M, O, P, S, T, Y, and Z.  She will often confuse S and Z and K and X as they look somewhat similar.  She knows the sounds for H, K, L, M, and S.  We sing the ABC song and she sings like every couple letters and at the end sings, "Now!" really loud because it is the only word she knows in the tag at the end.

I love this age and every new thing she learns.  She is so much fun (when she gets enough sleep, and when mommy gets enough sleep ;) ).  She is still every bit the mommy's girl and so it will be an interesting transition when Alana gets here.  I really hope she will transition to more of a daddy's girl and it won't be too painful (for either of us, because I know that although I want her to want her daddy more it will also be sad for me to give up that place).

It is getting to crunch time with Alana coming very soon.  I am almost 35 weeks pregnant and am starting to finally get things ready.  As far as her room goes 2 of the 3 murals are painted with the largest and most time consuming (the tree) just started.  I hung all her clothes up and washed and put together the bouncy seat and swing.  Jason fixed the swing for me as one of the straps had somehow come off and it was a bear to put back together.  I also moved the changing table from Ava's room into the nursery and set it up, and moved the dresser from the spare bedroom into Ava's room so she now has a dresser.  I am also working on a mobile to hang over her crib with crocheted butterflies, crocheted balls, and tiny crystals.  The balls are made and half of the butterflies are made but it isn't put together yet.  In my mind I just need to get the last mural done and all 3 sealed before she gets here and I will be one happy camper.  Although, really it doesn't have to be done that soon since she will be in our room for about the first 6 months or so anyway.

I had an ultrasound on Monday and found out that Alana is already as big as Ava was at birth.  These two are going to be very different size wise!!  It will be interesting to see when it is all said and done.

I think I hit all the high points and got down what I really want to remember from this point in time.