Sunday, October 7, 2012

18 Month Snapshot

I meant to do this a couple days ago and just never got around to it:

Favorite Food: Mini corn dogs
Favorite Fruit: Bananas and Apples (not sure which she likes better)
Favorite Drink: Fake Lemonade
Favorite Vegetable: Peas
Favorite Toy: Car

She hates wearing shoes, well to be fair she dislikes wearing clothes in general.  She would be nudie all the time if I let her.
She would rather be outside playing with other kids than anywhere else.
She hates sleeping, but is getting better at doing it anyway.
She loves bath time.
She can say a TON of words and even makes 2 or 3 word sentences
She is obsessed with babies (dolls and real ones :))
and shoes (she just wants to have me put them on so she can take them off over and over).

That is my peanut in a nut shell ;)