Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July - 5 Months and 28 Months

Realized I want to keep up with a monthly snapshot on the girls.  So here goes:

Ava - 28 Months

Favorite TV show: Dora
Favorite thing to play:  Doctor with her Doc McStuffins kit
Favorite food:  Hot dogs/corn dogs and corn on the cob
Favorite Book:  Little Q's "Learning ABC's: A to M" it was my book as a kid and I don't have the other

Fun things she says:  "Meek-du" - music; she calls a stethoscope a "heart" and an otoscope a "stethoscope"; calls a computer a "com-pee-u"; and she calls her sound machine a "washing machine."

Still loves the paci.  Fully potty trained when "nuddie," about 25% when either a diaper or panties are on. Sleeps very well on her own now.

She is an ADORABLE 2 year old, who says the funniest things.  Just today she ran into the room while Jason was putting Alana down, slammed the door, leaned against it and said, "whoo that was a close one."  We have no clue what she was talking about :)  She randomly runs up and hugs my legs.  When she has to go potty she has to announce it to the whole matter where she is she starts yelling, "I have to go potty."  Cracks me up :)

Alana - 5 Months

Just rolled back to front on Sunday 7/21
Favorite toy: Jumperoo
Almost sitting up without assistance
Just started formula/bottle is an adjustment
Started sleeping in her crib, no longer in the rock n play sleeper
Likes to stick her tongue out and blow raspberries :)

Overall a very happy baby!!

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