Tuesday, November 27, 2012

20 Months Old

Ava will be 20 months old this week.  Jason and I can't believe what a big girl she is becoming.  We are both so in love with this age.  She is so expressive and excited about things.  If she sees you for the first time in a little while she will get so excited and say, "HIIIIIII!!!"

She now says several different phrases:

"Boo...I see you"
"I sorry"
"Whatcha doing?"
"It's ok," or "I ok"
"I don't know, Where she at?" (hands up in an 'I don't know' gesture - Jason had asked her where mommy is)
"I love you" - said that for the first time yesterday!  I was so happy!!
"I see it?" - for "let me see it," because mommy always says to her, "can mommy see that?"
"Thank you"
-and she is coming out with new ones all the time

She now answers appropriately when asked a yes or no question (who would of thought this would be a difficult skill :)).

The number of different words she says is just enormous!  She has new words all the time!!

She jumps with both feet off the floor now.  She loves to do ring around the rosy (even tried to make me play in the middle of the dinning room at UTM)!  :)

She goes pee on the big girl potty a couple of times a day (at least once).  And, she puts her baby doll on the  potty and says that she is "shooy." :)  Maybe we aren't as far from potty training as I thought.

We are enjoying all the excitedness and joy she gets from everything.  It really is a great age!!

Just wanted to get that stuff down so I know when she started doing it all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New words and new paint!

It has been a long time since I last wrote anything, but things have just kinda been status quo around here.  In just the last week or two though, Ava has started talking like crazy.  I swear Jason or I say, "I didn't know you knew that word," like 5 times a day.  It is crazy!!

She has started saying "please" and "thank you" WITHOUT BEING PROMPTED!!!  Her "thank you" is so cute because she gets so excited everytime she says it!!  We are loving it!!!

She knows several of her letter sounds, although not consistently, and recognizes letters wherever she sees them even if she doesn't know WHICH letter it is.   When we sing the alphabet song she has often said "Apple" instead of LMNOP in the middle of the song.  She really only says "A" and "YZ" clearly, but she tries so hard the rest of the song.  She will watch my lips and trying to say what I am saying, it really is soooo cute.

She is super into coloring and stickers, which is why I have pen on my wall and stickers all over the floor ;)  She is showing a definite preference for her left hand when coloring, J and I don't know what to do with that.  She still uses her right enough that we aren't sure yet if she is going to be a lefty, but she might!

She points to my belly often and says, "baby!"  She will also try to say Alana if you ask her although she is not very good at it.  When she is settling down for the night she will often lay her hand on my belly and Alana will kick her, I love it.  I really don't think Ava understands, but it is sweet none the less.

I am 27 weeks pregnant with Alana and starting to get antsy about what isn't done.  I know I have plenty of time and everything will be fine, but I am apprehensive none the less.  Alana's room is painted, but so far that is it.

It is a pretty blue color and hopefully the hot pink curtains will be up soon.  The crib is going to be in our room for the first couple months while I am nursing still at night so it will remain a guest room for now.  She has started moving so much you can watch my belly move sometimes, mostly at night.  She definitely has her routine awake and asleep times.  I am excited to meet this new little one and she what she looks like and if she shares her sisters's strong, stubborn, inquisitive, and adventurous spirit. 

Well I guess that is all for now.  Hopefully I will have more to write about soon.