Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some things to remember about Alana, and A couple funny things from this week!

Like I have said before, Alana is a very different baby than Ava, which in most ways is good, but has some downsides as well.  She is a very noisy sleeper.  She "talks" a lot in her sleep which makes it very hard for me to sleep at night.  Also, she is up from 9:30pm until at least 11 and as late as 1AM every night.  During that time she is fussy and will eat off and on.  We need to work on her sleep/wake times.  Since Ava wakes around 6AM for the day this makes for a very sleepy momma.  During the day though, she is great!  She looks around with her big eyes, and has a very expressive little bird mouth.  She is a lot more gassy than I remember Ava being.  I may have to spend some time editing my diet, which I never had to do with Ava.  Unlike Ava, she can be content being awake in the swing or just on your lap.  She doesn't fuss/cry constantly throughout the day like Ava did.  So, if we can get her days and nights fixed she is looking to be an easier baby than Ava was.  She is already smiling even when awake which is super cute :)

Exhausted mommy funny:  My mom had been holding Alana and she started fussing and wanted to eat so she handed her to me and I started to nurse her.  About 2 minutes later I start looking around for the baby, I look at my mom and she doesn't have her, I look to Jason and he doesn't have her, I look and she isn't in the swing, so I start to panic.  I interrupt their conversation and say, "where is Alana?"  They both looked at me like I was nuts, so I looked down and she is nursing.  WOW!!!  Obviously, sleep deprived.

Funny Ava moment today:  She didn't want to do something Jason wanted her to so she said to him, "I don't want to three."  I guess "want to" sounded enough like "one two" to her that she had to fill in the three.

I guess that is all for today's snapshot  :)

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